The Feline Behavior Consultation

Susan M. Johnson, CFTBS, CAFTP

Feline Behavior Consultant

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Cat Clinic Near Wilton

Calling all cat-owners (and cat lovers): the veterinarian you have been looking for is here! At The Complete Cat Veterinary Clinic, we offer full-service, personalized, feline-only care. Beginning over two and a half decades ago as the first ever
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Animal Hospital Brookfield

Finding the best care for your feline family members isn’t always easy. Going to the vet can be incredibly stressful . Many cats are uncomfortable in unfamiliar places, and being surrounded by dogs and other animals compounds the issue. Despite your
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Finding a Cat Vet Near New Fairfield

As a pet parent, you understand that providing routine veterinary care is one of the best things you can do to ensure your cat’s long-term health and well-being. What you may not realize, though, is that the veterinarian who is perfect for your dog
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Finding a Cat-Only Veterinarian Near Roxbury

Cats may have developed a reputation for being a bit more particular about their surroundings, and yet nearly 40 million families in the US have opened their doors to these furry companions. When it comes right down to it, cats have every reason to
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Getting Your Cat Spayed or Neutered in Brookfield

When you look at your sweet new kitten, it might be difficult to imagine that they’ll ever grow up! After all, they’re a tiny little package of fluff and particularly sharp claws and teeth. They’ve barely figured out how to put one foot in front of
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Finding a Cat Vaccine Clinic in Newtown area

Finding a cat vaccine clinic in Newtown area is one of the best ways to ensure your beloved pet’s health now and into the future. Just like how humans get our vaccinations when we’re children, boosters periodically as adults, and flu shots or other
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Choosing a Cat Hospital in Brookfield

There’s something about bringing a cat into your family for the first (or twenty-first) time that feels so sweet. These furry creatures are so intelligent and fun to interact with, it’s impossible to not love them. Becoming a cat owner is a big
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The Friendly Traveler

The Friendly Traveler....always travel in style..... Have you ever experienced trying to get your cat in to a cat carrier and thought you might end up in the emergency room? After cleaning up your injuries you have to cancel the vet visit? Does this
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Welcome to The Complete Cat Veterinary Clinic

The Complete Cat Veterinary Clinic was the first exclusive cat hospital in the state of Connecticut.

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